Lingoda 2024年4月 折扣代碼、優惠碼、折價券、Coupon 推薦

CouponMad 提供 2024年4月 的 Lingoda 折扣代碼、優惠碼、折價券、Coupon,可以幫助您節省您的時間和金錢。本站折扣優惠經過不斷驗證,提供您購買時可以使用的最優惠的價格,以下超過 10 個的優惠資訊供您參考

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Team Courses
優惠到期: 6/30/2024
Coupon Incentive
15 Off
折扣 - Chen Lily 優惠碼
Coupon Incentive
使用專屬優惠碼 “WINWITHCHEN 可以折抵 $25 美金喔!
Easter discount
優惠到期: 4/11/2024
Coupon Incentive
20 off first month
New Year Discount
優惠到期: 1/31/2024
Coupon Incentive
At least 15 off
Black Friday Deal
優惠到期: 12/4/2023
Coupon Incentive
30 OFF Monthly Subs
25% off for 2 months
優惠到期: 10/10/2023
Coupon Incentive
on Monthly Subscription
Sprint & SuperSprint
優惠到期: 6/30/2023
Coupon Incentive
EUR 20 off on the signup
Monthly Subscription
優惠到期: 6/30/2023
Coupon Incentive
20 off on first month
20% off on Monthly
優惠到期: 4/19/2023
Coupon Incentive
First month
優惠到期: 1/31/2023
Coupon Incentive
first month



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關於 Lingoda

Lingoda is an online language school for German, English, French, and Spanish. Our qualified teachers are not only exclusively native speakers but they are also committed to providing the best learning experience to students from all over the world. We provide interactive private and group classes, which are all held online via Zoom and are available around the clock, 24/7. As a result, Lingoda's students can learn a new language wherever and wherever they are in the world. All they need is an internet connection and the classes can begin!